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In the field of property development, the ICCP Group is one of the foremost developers of private industrial parks through Science Park of the Philippines, Inc., which has almost 800 hectares of industrial estates developed or being developed. The shareholders of ICCP Group companies include the Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company (a 100%-owned subsidiary of AIG), DBS Bank (one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia), as well as National Development Company, the investment arm of the Philippine Government.

The ICCP Group is a medium-sized conglomerate engaged in investment banking, venture capital, industrial estate development, township and residential development, and exposition complex management. The ICCP Group takes pride in the ethical conduct of its diverse businesses and services and in the dedication of its officers and staff to high standards of professional competence.

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Investment Banking

The ICCP Group is spearheaded by Investment & Capital Corporation of the Philippines (ICCP), a leading Philippine independent investment bank with a unique character and orientation. ICCP’s principal thrusts run along two parallel tracks: investment banking and project development. ICCP does not engage in money market trading, the lending of money for its own account, stock brokering, and other such activities.

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Venture Capital

ICCP SBI Venture Partners (ISVP), the venture capital arm of ICCP Group, is an established Trans-pacific venture capital management company that leverages U.S. technological innovation with Asian cost-effective contract manufacturing and business process outsourcing. IVPI has been recognized as a top performing venture capital firm in the United States and Asia by Cambridge Associates, a leading private consulting research firm.

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Industrial Estate Development

Established in 1989, Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. (“SPPI”), is one of the Philippines’ pioneers and leaders in private industrial park development. SPPI’s industrial estates provide a work place under a well-managed environment for light to medium industries with clean and non-polluting, environment-friendly manufacturing operations as well as support industries. SPPI is the first privately-owned industrial estate developer in the Philippines to be given the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. It is also OHSAS 18000 certified. Among SPPI’s institutional investors are the Fremont Group of the USA, the National Development Company and The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company.

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Township and Residential Development

Pueblo de Oro Development Corp. (PODC), established in 1995, developed a 360-hectare mixed-use township project in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, whose master plan was done by Louis Berger International, Inc. of the U.S.A. The Pueblo de Oro township project includes an 18-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II, a clubhouse, residential villages for various income levels, a business park, the leading schools in the City, a church, and a commercial center which is home to the SM mall of CDO. PODC’s other property developments are located in San Fernando, Pampanga; Sto. Tomas, Batangas; and Lapu-Lapu, Cebu.

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Exhibition Hall

Manila Exposition Complex, Inc. (MEC) is the owner and developer of the World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM). A member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) of New York, World Trade Center Metro Manila (WTCMM) is the first and, to date, the only exhibition venue in the Philippines listed by the Union des Foires Internationales or UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry. The hall was designed by Gensler & Associates, of the U.S.A, architects of the 2nd hall of the Moscone Center in San Francisco, in conjunction with architect W.V Coscolluela, a well-known Filipino architect.

WTCMM has more than 16,500 sqm of gross floor area, consisting of 11,300 sqm of contiguous exhibition space at ground level, a pre-function lobby and a loading bay plus an 8,200 sqm outdoor space. WTCMM has very user-friendly features, ensuring not only ease in ingress and egress, but also reduction in the cost of staging exhibitions and events requiring large, unobstructed space and sophisticated setting.

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Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. (SPPI) was established in 1989 and, through the years, has gained the reputation of being a cutting edge developer of industrial estates through its Light Industry & Science Park projects.

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SPPI was established in 1989, and through the years, has gained the reputation of being a cutting edge developer of industrial estates through its Light Industry & Science Park projects.

Today, SPPI is highly regarded as one of the pioneers and leaders in private industrial estate development in the country and has the largest hectarage of industrial estates developed, and being developed with almost 800 hectares of aggregate area.

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