What are the advantages of investing in industrial land for sale in the Philippines?

  1. Strategic location 
  2. Economic zone incentives 
  3. Complete amenities and facilities 
  4. On-ground management teams 

The advantages of investing in an industrial land include strategic location, economic zone incentives, complete amenities and facilities, and on-ground management teams.  

By definition, an industrial land is a zoned area that is developed for the purpose of industrial development. These are the common sites of light and medium industries such as those in the business of plastic, construction material, consumer goods, technology, appliance, and food manufacturing, IT, and logistics. If you want to scale your company effectively, you might want to look more into the advantages of investing in industrial land for sale in the Philippines.

Industrial estate in the Philippines is rising in popularity because these developments are proving to be the most resilient asset during the pandemic due to the increased demand in warehousing, logistics, and domestic manufacturing of food and health products. Backed by a rapidly thriving economy and highly skilled labor force, local and foreign investors are further recognizing the benefits of establishing their presence in an industrial estate in the Philippines. Continue reading to learn more about how investing in industrial land can benefit your business as well.  

Strategic Location

All successful business owners know that the choice of location is a major success driver for efficient, productive, and revenue-generating operations. 

When you invest in industrial land for sale in the Philippines, you benefit from the country’s strategic location. The Philippines is one of the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia today. Bound by two major trade routes — the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean — the country is an ideal business site for businesses that want access and tap into the ASEAN market. 

For example, if you choose to invest in the Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park in Bataan, your business will be strategically located near the Subic International Seaport and Clark Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. It would be easy to form international logistic partnerships with countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan.  

Economic Zone Incentives
Economic zone incentives

Most industrial land and estates in the Philippines are categorized as economic zones. Economic zones are highly developed areas with different economic regulations than the other regions in the country to attract foreign direct investment (FDI). These regulations are especially favorable for international investors who want to set up their business in the Philippines. 

Take the Light Industry & Science Park IV (LISP IV) in Malvar, Batangas for instance. It was awarded by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) as a Special Economic Zone according to the Republic Act 7916. Locators in the industrial park are entitled to fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. Some of the incentives include the following:

Complete Amenities and Facilities

One of the primary advantages of investing in industrial land for sale in the Philippines is that you are provided access to complete amenities and facilities. In order to be conducive for industrial development, the locators of industrial land need to have all the infrastructure they need for operations.    

In the Philippines, one of the largest industrial estate (parks) developers is Science Park Of The Philippines (SPPI). It has developed six industrial estates since 1989 namely: Light Industry and Science Park I, II, III and IV; Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park (HEIP) and Cebu Light Industrial Park (CLIP). All their industrial land has complete and integrated infrastructure such as unobstructed, highway-grade road networks, centralized wastewater treatment plants, independent electric grids that supply power, security and fire protection systems, and large-volume water supply.    

On-Ground Management Teams
On-ground management teams

Industrial land in the Philippines offers on-ground management teams as an inclusive service to complement their amenities. These teams are responsible for assisting the locators of industrial parks with a wide range of business concerns such as administration and maintenance. On-ground management teams are also in charge of handling the locators’ environmental management and regulatory coordination with government agencies. As an investor, you can focus better on core business competencies, boosting productivity and revenue-generating activities.  

Key Takeaway

As you have read, there are plenty of advantages of investing in industrial land for sale in the Philippines. If you’re ready to invest, there’s no better way than to do it with the Science Park of the Philippines (SPPI).

At SPPI, our industrial parks in the Philippines are strategically, proclaimed PEZA zones, have world-class facilities and amenities, and professional on-site management teams. Each one of our industrial lands in Batangas, Cebu, Bataan, Makati, and Laguna can provide you the advantages above and more. Click here to inquire about our industrial land for sale in the Philippines!   

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