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Why Relocating to SPPI'S Newest Industrial Park in Batangas is a Smart Business Decision

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Overhead shot of batangas industrial park surrounded by a forest

Given the rise of industrial property developments and real estate in the past two decades or so, it is no surprise to see that there are new industrial parks being established across the Philippines. One such industrial estate is the Light Industry and Science Park IV (LISP IV), the 5th project being developed by the Science Park of the Philippines Inc. (SPPI). LISP IV is an industrial park in Batangas that has many different features and benefits that you would do well to know.

Industrial parks, in general, are zoned areas that are developed for the sole purpose of industrial development. This is to say that it is an area that is made to accommodate small, medium and large-scale operations that have equally sized requirements. However, there are some traits and qualities that make investing in LISP IV a smart business decision.

If you are interested to know more about industrial parks in the Philippines, then continue reading because here are some qualities that can make LISP IV an attractive option for your business or corporation.

It’s in a strategic location

The entrance of a batangas industrial park

Batangas is a city that is known for its resorts and beach getaway destinations. However, beyond tourism and sightseeing, there are opportunities for other businesses, such as the ones in the light and medium industries, to settle, conduct, and be successful in their operations. Such is the opportunity that the Light Industry & Science Park IV provides.

LISP IV is near Main Roads and Highways

Part of what makes the location of LISP IV strategic is the fact that is situated near main roads and highways such as the Southern Tagalog Arterial Road (STAR) and President Jose P. Laurel Highway in Malvar.

While many industries rely on production and manufacturing as part of their activities, logistics are also an integral part of making it all work. From receiving raw materials to shipping out the finished product, convenient access to the factory, office, storage facility or plant makes the whole business process easier. This also benefits the workers of a given company because it allows them to go to work and come home easier — a boost to their quality of work and family life.

Batangas is only a couple of hours away from the Metro

Aside from being conveniently located near the main roads and highways, LISP IV is an industrial park in Batangas that is only an hour or two away from Metro Manila. Since Metro Manila is the locus of many economic activities, being far away from it can cause a corporation some problems. It could be in the aforementioned logistics or in the difficulty of finding quality workers or employees since many people are hesitant to work away from the city or far away from their families. Even for finding party venue in Manila or events places in Manila, the Metro is so accessible that you don’t have to worry to find venues that you’ll be needing for different kinds of events. 

In tandem with convenient accessibility, a reasonable distance away from the main metro cities can make Batangas an attractive location for your business to settle down in.

LISP IV is part of a bigger property development

Overhead shot of a number of houses in a residential village in Batangas

While this feature is not common among the other members of the Light Industry and Science Park series of developments, one of the best things about LISP IV is that it is part of even bigger property development.

Residential and Institutional Properties Are Available

The development is a 212-hectare mixed-use property that not only includes an excellent industrial park in Batangas, but also residential, commercial, and institutional properties as well. This means that there will be homes, retail, and educational establishments that seek to provide a jolt of economic and social activity in the general Malvar, Batangas area.

This is great for a number of reasons, first is that it makes settling down around the area viable because there are enough amenities and institutions to support the locality. Second is that it stimulates the economy of Batangas further helping its general development. Given that the Philippines has one of the most dynamic economies in the world, inspiring the growth of other locations outside of Metro Manila can continue to drive the national economy upwards.

Investment Opportunities for Local and Foreign Businesses

Overhead shot of a batangas industrial park

The LISP IV is an industrial park in Batangas that offers many opportunities not only for local businesses to thrive but foreign businesses as well. Instead of focusing only on local investment possibilities, we try our best as an organization to establish the Philippines as the leading avenue for foreign investments.

Many Different Industries can be Accommodated

One of the many great things about industrial parks is that they can accommodate many varying businesses and industries. While heavy industries are synonymous with this type of property development, the name of LISP (‘Light Industry’) itself exemplifies its openness to light industries as well. From construction, electronics, and business product manufacturing to shipbuilding, machinery, and energy production — LISP IV has a place for most types of light and medium industries.

This should make it easier for multinational companies to invest in the country and tap into the ever-growing Philippine markets. Something that is beneficial to everyone involved.

The most reputable companies can be found in LISP IV

Our industrial park developments contain some of the biggest multinational companies around the world, some of which are even on the American Fortune 500 list. Companies like Unilever, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, Sumitomo, and Gemphil Technologies show that by relocating or establishing your own business in an industrial park developed by SPPI, you are in good company.

You also have this added benefit of having the opportunity to use the aforementioned companies and organizations as benchmarks for your own operations — establishing a level of excellence and enforcing only the best practices.

LISP IV Has All the Features You Will Need in an Industrial Park

A water treatment plant

LISP IV is an industrial park in Batangas that has all the right features that provide a suitable area and community for your enterprise. From security, consistent supply of adequate amenities, and hands-on management, LISP IV has all your important bases covered.

Centralized Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water is one of the most crucial things when it comes to the operations of many different industries. This is where LISP IV’s independent and steady water supply comes in handy. With that kind of system in place, companies and their varying levels of water requirements will be met.

However, the use of water for industrial purposes produces a byproduct aptly called wastewater. Due to safety and environmental concerns, the proper disposal of wastewater can be a challenge to do. Fortunately, LISP IV has a wastewater treatment plant that can solve the problems posed by the proper disposal of waste materials.

Highway-grade road network

While LISP IV is situated near the main roads and highways, its internal road network is also impressive. By employing highway-grade construction methods and materials, traveling from one location to another within the industrial park is safe, and comfortable. Transportation of both raw materials and finished products is also made easier thanks to the availability of wider and undamaged roads.

Given that there is a bigger community with residential properties and institutions, having quality roads become even more important when you factor in the improvement it brings to the general quality of life in the area.

Stable and Reliable Electric Grid

Another feature that the industrial park boasts is an independent electric grid that provides factories and plants the energy that they need to operate at the highest level. As both light and medium industries are somewhat energy-intensive, a consistent and reliable supply of electricity is needed at all times.

An independent electric grid is a great solution when it comes to problems that may arise in terms of energy management. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be connected to the same grid as other areas in LISP IV. In connection to that, factories and plants do not have to be subjected to the same rates and electrical distribution that the residential and commercial areas are subject to. Since these types of buildings and structures have relatively smaller energy requirements, the cost of electricity is also scaled to their consumption.

If industrial companies of varying level and size that require a lot of energy are subject to the same circumstances then not only are they at a disadvantage, but they will also be faced with the same problems and setbacks other areas are faced with such as power outages and electricity rationing — problems that some businesses may not afford to deal with.

With an independent electric grid, the right amount of energy is distributed properly to the companies in the industrial park and consistent output is more or less guaranteed — a trait that is conducive to success.

Security and fire protection

Since there are many chemical and mechanical processes that can involve hazardous materials happening at any given moment in a factory or plant, the risk of accidental fires will always be present. That being said, adequate fire protection is required by the law so that accidents can be avoided. In moments where an actual fire happens, firefighters and other respondents have to react quickly so that the fire doesn’t escalate and end up causing more damage. In accordance with that, industrial parks have firefighters on standby at all times to guarantee a quick response.

Beyond mere fire protection, general security is also another added benefit of industrial parks. Criminal acts are always somewhat of a possibility, which is why a dedicated and responsive security system is also important. We as a company are aware of this which is why we have invested in enough protective measures so that our locators can be assured of their safety.

Personalized assistance through on-site management and customer service

One reason why industrial parks that we have developed are an attractive option for companies is because of their personalized assistance. Whether you are a potential investor or a locator already operating within one of our industrial parks, all your needs, inquiries, and concerns can be taken care of. This is all because of SPPI’s very own highly trained ground management team and customer service.

A management team refers to a set of personnel that is assigned to companies that help in handling administrative and maintenance duties. Our on-site managers and their teams handle environmental management and community building. They are also in charge of coordinating the operations of enterprises located in the park with regulatory agencies, enterprises can continue their operations without any problem in terms of legalities and government policies.

As for our investor-friendly customer service team, they are in charge of providing a comprehensive service that facilitates any investment from selecting the proper site within the industrial park to coordinating with the management team to better serve our locators and clients. This type of service is also constant and is available on a day-to-day basis well beyond the acceptance and turnover of the lot.

Find the Best Location for Your Business in the Philippines with Science Park

Now that you understand why investing, establishing, or relocating in an industrial park in Batangas, such as LISP IV, is a smart business decision, what better way for you to actualize that than with Science Park of the Philippines!

With industrial parks in Subic, Clark, Batangas, Cebu, and Laguna, we have created the perfect environment for both local and international companies. Not only does LISP IV have all the features and benefits stated above, but it also has the advantages of employing the Filipino workforce, known to be one of the best and most competent in the world.

If you are interested in investing in the Light Industry and Science Park IV, one of the best industrial parks in the Batangas, click here to contact us. We will be more than happy to address any inquiries or concerns you may have. To see the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, click here.



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