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How An Industrial Park Near Clark Can Create New International Business Partnerships

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Gates of an industrial park in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines

The Philippines has been at the forefront of numerous massive building projects during the last few years. With the current administration focusing its efforts on developing the country’s infrastructure, numerous projects have been commissioned both in and out of Metro Manila. These include road projects, new commercial and residential buildings, as well as industrial parks close by. These projects aim to improve the country’s economic standing and help connect cities and provinces to each other. However, it also aims to create new international business partnerships that help develop new industries and provide more career opportunities.

While Metro Manila has been constantly developing its infrastructure and industry over the past few decades, more projects are now being developed outside of the city. One of these areas is Clark, Pampanga, a province only a couple of hours away from the country’s capital. Being an area ripe for industrial development and lucrative business partnerships, Clark has been at the center of major developments in the province. It has evolved from a former military base into a commercial and industrial center.

Why Invest in Clark, Pampanga

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Clark is an area in the province of Pampanga that was once home to a military base used by the United States Military. It offers a wide variety of development opportunities for international industries and companies. This massive potential for development has recently been tapped by the current administration. Now, both local and international companies are focusing on turning the area into an industrial and commercial center. This is in hopes of developing an urbanized area that can help decongest the country’s capital. This means establishing projects such as industrial parks and other massive infrastructure projects.

With many opportunities for major international companies to capitalize on, here are some of the best reasons why you should invest in Clark, Pampanga.

Strategic Location

Clark, Pampanga is located just a few hours away from Metro Manila. It is one of the provinces that are closest to the city center, making it very accessible to people living within the metro. This means it is an easy place to travel to, which allows more people to explore career opportunities in the area. With more road projects being built, travel is expected to become even faster within the next decade. Even venues in Manila are extremely accessible for all, so there’s no lack of events places in Manila for all the investors to hold events and gatherings in.

This location is also beneficial for different kinds of industries as it has the ability to distribute products to the city much quicker, keeping the supply chain steady. Pampanga is also located near other developing provinces like Bataan, which means that people living nearby are also able to benefit from the international industries present in the area. On top of this, the location of the Philippines is also one of the most advantageous areas in the Southeast Asian region. It is located near a number of other countries, which provides more international business opportunities. Strategic location is one thing that foreign investors look at, which is what gives the Philippines the best advantage over its regional neighbors.

The Philippine Advantage

Filipinos have an advantage when it comes to adapting to different work environments. They are recognized as one of the most talented and hard-working workforces around the world. This enables them to work in different capacities, allowing for various industries to tap into their talents and provide them with career opportunities. With international industries looking to enter and invest in the country, companies are looking for workers who are able to adjust to international working standards.

Thanks to the high quality of education present in the country, Filipinos are able to adjust to these standards. From an early age, they are taught a wide variety of technical and analytical skills. This makes them easier to train, with the average training time of Filipino workers being shorter than that of their counterparts. The Filipino population is also very fluent in English, which is essential in an international company looking to expand its market globally. The Philippines has a young population, which means that the number of skilled workers looking for career opportunities is very high. This allows companies to hire more people, which helps expand their operations locally and internationally.

International Partnerships and Collaborations

One of the main goals during the development of the Hermoza Ecozone, an industrial park near Clark, is to provide more opportunities for international companies. This is in terms of investing in the country and forming long-term business partnerships. The Philippines has long been known as a country that has formed numerous business partnerships with companies across the world. With the country looking to develop even further, it is expected that more companies across the globe will develop an interest in making huge investments in local industries.

International partnerships and collaborations not only help improve the economic development of the surrounding area, but it also helps industries grow and expand. With Pampanga’s development only moving forward, investing in Hermoza Ecozone is one of the best ways to form beneficial partnerships that provide long-term growth.

Government Support

The Philippines has been experiencing huge strides in economic growth. This has prompted the country to begin developing its industry and infrastructure to keep the country growing at a stable rate. A huge majority of these projects are supported by the government, which allows the country’s biggest developers to create different kinds of projects in cities and provinces around the country.

These developments include residential projects, roads and bridges that help connect cities together, commercial centers, and industrial parks that aim to create manufacturing and trading hubs in the country. Government support is crucial for attracting international investors as business-friendly policies can help establish a company easier. With international businesses becoming even more competitive than before, having government support provides an edge when it comes to attracting some of the world’s biggest brands and businesses.

Development of New Infrastructure Projects

As mentioned before, the Philippines has been wholly focused on developing different types of infrastructure projects that aim to boost the economy through local and foreign investment. In the provinces of Pampanga and Bataan, these projects have been varied and diverse mainly due to a common goal. To turn Clark into a city that promotes business and economic development as well as international trade and investment. These projects include creating new sports and recreational facilities, a massive residential area, expanding the province’s main airport, and industrial parks that provide facilities for manufacturing, development, and trading.

The development of industrial parks and commercial infrastructure has pushed the country in a better direction. There are now long-term platforms that enable both local and international businesses to thrive, along with the potential to form more global partnerships in the near future. With these investments coming to the country, the possibilities are truly endless.

New Business and Career Opportunities

Along with new projects, new businesses are expected to arrive in the area by the time all of the projects have been developed. These businesses come from different parts of the world and can offer a wide variety of career opportunities for Filipino workers. These companies can come from industries such as BPOs, trading, banking and finance, retail, and even transportation. The variety of international companies investing in the country is vast, which means that there are different kinds of career opportunities available for Filipinos. These new businesses also provide fresh new competition, which helps encourage the whole industry to grow and improve in the country.

How Industrial Parks Benefit Economic Development

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Among the many new developments present in the province of Pampanga and Bataan, are industrial parks. Industrial parks are one of the most widely developed types of projects in the country. They house various facilities and infrastructure that can accommodate different kinds of industries. Science Park of the Philippines, Inc., for over twenty years, has developed numerous industrial parks in the country. We also have industrial parks in Batangas, Cebu, Laguna, Clark, and Subic. Most of which were sold out in just a few years. This is a sign that industrial parks are successful in providing strategic business and economic locations that support business growth.

These parks contain some of the biggest companies in both local and international industries, all of which have greatly benefitted from having their operations in these industrial parks. With an increasing number of foreign investments coming in the country, industrial parks offer the best set of advantages in terms of economic and business development. Here are some of the ways that industrial parks can benefit your business in the long-term.

Develop and Support Existing Industries

One of the economic benefits of industrial parks is they have the ability to bolster the growth of existing industries in the country. Over the years, there have been a number of industries that have experienced huge growth, which has helped establish them as some of the country’s biggest contributors. The introduction of international companies and industries can help push this development further, as they can provide support and form fruitful business partnerships locally. Industrial parks have long been important economic contributors to the country, which is why international investment will only push this positive development forward.

Create New Industries

Along with being able to support existing industries in the country, industrial parks can also be locations that help pioneer new industries. While there has been a massive influx of new industries during the last decade, there are still a number of industries that have yet to enter the country. New industries can help blaze the trail and explore new opportunities locally, creating another way to form partnerships with the government and other businesses. The Philippines is a hotbed for industrial growth, which is why these new industries have a massive potential to offer something new in the country.

Promote Long-term Growth

One of the best things that industrial parks are able to offer is a platform for industries to promote sustainable long-term growth. Industrial parks are not only locations where industries can operate, but it is also where companies can grow and develop. One thing that both local and foreign investors look at in a location is its potential for growth. Industrial parks provide readily-made infrastructure for investors, which allows you to begin your operations earlier.

This also helps companies maximize their budget and expenses, which is important for those looking to grow in the country. With more foreign investors expected to come to the Philippines in the next few years, industrial parks have now become highly valued places where businesses can make the most out of their investment.

Explore New Business Opportunities with Science Park of the Philippines, Inc.

Industrial parks have become one of the most effective and sustainable economic development zones in the Philippines. It has allowed numerous industries and huge companies to experience massive strides in their growth and development. The country is expected to improve its economy in the next few years, which makes it a great time for international investors to enter the country and form new partnerships. Industrial parks encourage the growth of existing businesses and industries while also helping new industries find their footing within the country.

With industrial parks being developed in the Pampanga and Bataan areas, it is important to invest in an industrial park with Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. As one of the most experienced industrial park developers in the country, we have successfully developed over 800 cumulative hectares of industrial parks where businesses can thrive. We are committed to developing economic zones in the country and new parks in areas like Clark, which has become one of the fastest developing areas in the country.

Clark is quickly becoming a city that is part of the country’s future growth. We are committed to providing international companies with the platform and infrastructure to promote long-term growth. We believe that international investments are a key element in creating positive economic growth. Our industrial parks in Subic, Clark, and Bataan aim to provide the necessary facilities to form new business collaborations and partnerships in the near future.

For more information about Philippine industrial parks, take a look at our previous and current projects. For other concerns and inquiries, you can contact us here. If you want to check out our Hermoza Industrial Park, click here!



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