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As another growth corridor in the Philippines emerges, so do new opportunities for manufacturers and businesses alike to invest in industrial land for sale in Bataan. These plots of land provide everything needed to support activity from an industrial infrastructure — including reliable utility infrastructures, master-planned and multipurpose areas, and special tax concessions.

There are currently several plots of industrial land for sale in Bataan, located in the prime industrial real estate of Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park (HEIP). Developed by the pioneer of industrial development in the Philippines — Science Park of the Philippines Inc. (SPPI) — locating here will provide many benefits for your business. Read on to learn more about HEIP, and what we offer.

Industrial Land For Sale in Bataan

Why Buy Industrial Land For Sale in Bataan

Why Buy Industrial Land For Sale in Bataan

SPPI’s industrial parks are all located and developed in regions where there are many economic opportunities, and HEIP is no exception.

Bataan is both an opportunity and investment hub. Known as the “Container Port City,” and located in the Central Luzon corridor, this province is fast-developing and presents several advantages for both domestic and international enterprises.

The first is that it is the recipient of several public projects, which are likely to be completed in the near to medium term — this includes developments in Skyway stage 3, Subic-Clark cargo railway, Manila-Clark passenger railway, and the Clark Airport expansion. These infrastructure improvements further open up the area for industrial activity.

Secondly, industrial land in Bataan will be strategically located in the region’s developed export processing zone, the Freeport Area of Bataan (FAB). Here, different manufactured goods are produced for export.

Macroeconomic figures also show that the economic growth and competition in this area are healthy, and among the most competitive in the country, with their economy rebounding to 7.4 percent in 2021 compared with -13.9 percent in the previous year.

Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park

Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park

Barangay Palihan, Hermosa, Bataan

The Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park is a 162-hectare world-class industrial land for sale in Bataan located right in the middle of the Philippines’ growth corridor of Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales and Clark Special Economic Zone. Some of the benefits of locating in HEIP include ease in logistics, tax incentives, and competitive cost of utilities.

Light Industry & Science Park IV (LISP IV)

162 hectare
industrial estate for sale

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Why Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park Offers the Best Industrial Land For Sale in Bataan

At SPPI, we take pride in being both the pioneer and largest private industrial park developer in the Philippines.

HEIP is one of the latest addition to our industrial park roster offering world-class facilities and amenities to create the perfect landscape for your business's long-term growth. Here is an in-depth look at what our industrial land for sale in Bataan has to offer:


Why Buy Industrial Land For Sale in Bataan

HEIP is a 162-hectare industrial park, settled in a 478-hectare master-planned property. Located in Hermosa, Bataan, it is strategically placed right in the middle of the Philippines’ growth corridor of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone in Zambales, and the Clark Special Economic Zone in Pampanga.

It is also connected to major road infrastructure, via the spur road to the Dinalupihan Interchange of the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX). Investing in our industrial land for sale in Bataan will provide you with easy access to these economic and industrial hubs. Its proximity to the Olongapo-Gapan highway and North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) also provides easy access to other major cities, such as Baguio and those in Metro Manila.


ic-power supply

Stable Power Service


Communication System

ic-water supply

Water Supply

ic-highway grade road

Road Network

ic-centralized wastewater

​Centralized Wastewater
Treatment Plant

HEIP has complete and integrated amenities and utilities for all our locators’ use.

Stable Power Service

Stable power, supplied by Peninsula Electric Cooperative (PENELCO), is fed through the industrial park through strong and reliable 69KV transmission lines, and to an upgradeable sub-station. HEIP can easily supply power to locators through these distribution lines.

Communication System

Our industrial land for sale in Bataan also offers communications and internet service capabilities, serviced by Globe Telecoms and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT), which are supplied via fiber optic cable technology.

Water Supply

With an emphasis on reducing the production of toxic materials and maximizing natural resources, investing in our industrial land for sale in Bataan ensures sustainable and reliable water supply and wastewater treatment systems.

Water is supplied by a system of deep wells and water recycling facilities. Locators in our industrial land for sale in Bataan can continue day-to-day operations with a reliable water supply. In addition, our centralized wastewater treatment facility recycles wastewater produced from operations.

Road Network

Connecting our plots of industrial land for sale in Bataan is a vast network of main roads and service roads — both of which are wide enough to easily accommodate shipping container trucks. We also provide a pedestrian lane for our locators.

Centralized Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Centralized Wastewater Treatment Facility with a capacity of 12,000 cubic meters per day processes effluents with up to 400 ppm Biochemical Oxygen Demand "BOD").


Our industrial land for sale in Bataan is highly accessible by major roads and expressways, such as SCTEX and NLEX. HEIP is also located just 20 minutes away from Subic Bay and Subic International Seaport — home to our country’s finest harbors, container terminals, and export processing hubs. Subic Bay also has the capacity for all types of sea vessels, from small crafts to cargo ships and oil tankers.

It is also strategically located near Clark International Airport. Locating here means access to a steady influx of travelers from local or international destinations. This presents great opportunities to various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, and more.

Our industrial parks are also master planned to provide complete utilities and infrastructure. As such, your operations are supplied with ample power and water, access to highway-grade road networks, advanced telecommunication technology, and centralized wastewater treatment plants. This provides numerous cost savings and efficiencies for your business.

Partner With Science Park of the Philippines, to Invest in the Best Industrial Land For Sale in Bataan!

SPPI — the industrial developer of choice for several world-class, high-growth companies — is proud to offer industrial land for sale in Bataan. Situated in HEIP, investing here will provide access to cutting-edge technology, extensive and reliable amenities and utilities, and countless competitive advantages for your enterprise. Message us today to learn more about our industrial estates, and how we can help you.