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Business and Investment Opportunities Near Subic

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Top shot of a Subic Industrial Park

In the Philippines, Subic Bay Freeport provides both local and international investors with highly dependable freeport services. These are essential to day-to-day business activities as well as commercial and industrial operations. Hermoza Ecozone, an industrial park located near Subic consist of these utility services. They are designed to handle business, commercial, and industrial expansion projects for all types of investments.

The Philippines, known for being the “darling of investors,” is becoming more and more popular with foreign investors. The skilled labor force, strategic location, accessible gateways, and unparalleled government support are a few of the benefits that come with investing in Hermoza Ecozone by Science Park of the Philippines, Inc.

Benefits of Investing in Subic 

A large truck surrounded by cargo with a plane flying above it

The Philippine economy has been growing at a relatively steady pace. Back in 2016, the rise of the country’s economy was recognized in a survey by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). Investing in Hermoza Ecozone is one of the most competitive business investment venues that you can choose. In return, foreign and local investors get unparalleled opportunities to establish a facility, plant, or corporate building to better serve and reach clients all over the world.

Strategic Location and Accessibility

Subic is the first and premier free port in the Philippines that also offers investment destinations. Subic Bay Freeport is accessible by land, sea, and air which strategically places your business right in the middle of Asia’s growing markets. Singapore and Bangkok are only 3 hours away from the port by plane. As an investor, you will have access to certain adjacent countries and cities through two different modes of transportation in less than 6 hours. The farthest location is Tokyo, which only takes 4 hours by plane and 5 hours by boat. Additionally, the Events places in Manila, the heart of the Philippines, is only a few hours away by car, so if you have any events for investors or for your company, there’s no need to look at faraway places. 

Expanding Infrastructure

The Philippine government is committed to building more roads, bridges, and efficient public transportation systems necessary for transporting goods from the producer to the consumers. Regardless of whether you distribute products through air, land, or sea, developing your business in an industrial park near Subic will provide you with quick and hassle-free distribution. In lieu of the infrastructure expansion efforts of the government, the country is also working on strengthening its information and technology (IT) systems. The process is an important step towards keeping up with the world’s digital advancements. It will also make transactions via online distribution channels easier and more reliable.

Wide Range of Businesses and Industries

From general business, information communication technology, leisure, logistics, manufacturing, or maritime, your business will definitely find a home in Hermoza Ecozone by Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. Many Fortune 500 businesses choose to locate their facilities and plants in Subic Bay Freeport because of its strategic location. You will find your business in the midst of the airport and seaport gateways where trade occurs every day.

Attractive Business Incentives

The incentives that come with investing in an industrial park prove that the Philippines is an attractive starting base. Whether the businesses are in manufacturing, agribusiness, services, energy, or logistics. The country is home to young, tech-savvy working professionals who are highly proficient in the English language. You will also be investing in a strategic location for all types of businesses. Other incentives granted by the Bases Conversion and Development Act (BCDA), SBMA, and Clark Development Corporation (CDC) include:

  • Tax and duty-free importation
  • Employment of foreign nationals
  • Permanency of residency status for investors
  • Flexible national and local taxes

Existing Twin Gateways

Within the Subic Bay Freeport exists two world-class points of entry and exit: the Port of Subic and the Subic Bay International Airport. The port of Subic consists of a cutting-edge container terminal with 15 operational piers and wharves that can handle sea vessels. It also houses port facilities such as grain and fertilizer terminals, as well as ones for bulk and general cargo. Subic Bay International Airport is a two-hectare area with a 10,000 square meter passenger terminal. With sea and air logistics, you can further expand your business, distribute your products, or outsource raw materials from other countries. For businesses with perishable goods, it is imperative that they get less sea or air time. The faster it can arrive, the fresher it can reach the facility for storage and distribution.

Availability of Skilled Manpower

Subic Bay Freeport has a working population of over 700,000 workers from an overall labor pool of 3.5 million people from Central Luzon. The Philippines is home to a skilled labor force, which is the main reason the country was considered one of the best locations to invest in for 2018. With this, plenty of Chinese companies and other foreign investors erected their BPO buildings, manufacturing facilities, and distribution plants in the Philippines.

Thanks to the government-owned Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), the Philippines also has a huge percentage of young professionals. The agency develops the technical and vocational skills most industries require today, including English skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing. With this, a foreign investor will easily find manpower most suited to their requirements.

Perfectly Preserved Natural Settings

Many factors influence human welfare and productivity. One of which is the environment. The proximity of a business to the natural environment plays an important role in promoting wellness to workers. Subic has the most magnificent and well-preserved natural setting. It thrives side by side with modern-day development. The careful preservation of the green surroundings boosts the overall well-being of workers.

From managing work-related stress, sustaining mental clarity and focus, to alleviating mental fatigue, the natural setting of Subic is considered one of the best. Build your headquarters, facility, or plant in Subic to experience working in a natural environment.

Tourist Attractions

Another benefit of building your business empire in Subic is the fact that the location is a resort-type investment haven with a unique combination of tourist attractions. Subic Bay Freeport has a healthy balance between business and leisure. With all the tourism infrastructure, facilities, and amenities, the location remains one of the top prospective lands to build a business. The 67,000-hectare investment and tourism enclave is definitely a location that could give your business plenty of opportunities and clients.

Dedicated and Transparent Administration

The Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority advocates and adheres to the principle of good governance in managing the Subic Bay Freeport. With the right balance of integrity, openness, and transparency, as well as responsible stewardship, foreign investors are given the opportunity to grow their business further. The impact of good governance on a business is an ensured level playing field, enhanced business for stakeholder relationships, and fostered accountability. The governing body encourages and supports a business’ long-term viability of investments, assets, and constant business growth.

Elements of Quality Infrastructure

Shadows of electrical towers as the sun sets

The private sector and the Philippine government work hand-in-hand in developing the country to be a prime location for foreign and local businesses. The opportunities for investment grow substantially day-by-day to better increase economic gains. Moreover, quality infrastructure remains a significant selling point for many investment avenues.

An industrial park near Subic that you may be interested in investing in is the Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park, a project by Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. Here are some of the unparalleled services and amenities this industrial park has to offer to all investors.

Efficient Power and Water Supply

Peninsula Electric Company (PENELCO) is the power supplier of the Hermosa Ecozone Industrial Park. The substation’s rated capacity is 10 MVA, which is expandable according to future demands of the area. It steps down from 13.2KV to 460/230V at the customer service entrance. PENELCO is able to supply sufficient power to support businesses in industrial parks and help them continue operations. Despite the exceptionally large consumption of power during the summer, the power supplier provides reliable, uninterrupted, and affordable energy. The infrastructure also consists of a dual piping system with an overall design capacity of 18,000 cubic meters per day. It is supplied by deep wells and an in-facility water recycling system.

Centralized Waste Water Treatment Plant

Another advantage of locating by Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. is that it has a centralized wastewater treatment plant. It has a capacity of 12,000 cubic meters per day that can process effluents of up to 1,000 BOD or Biochemical Oxygen Demand. It can provide the necessary quantities needed for business operations. This is extremely beneficial for those in the manufacturing and logistics industries as they require a high-quality, clean water supply.

Effective Communication System

Provided by partner telecommunications companies Digitel and PLDT, the park gives business investors up to 1,000 international and domestic lines. These are for different communications platforms such as voice, fax, data, video conferencing as well as internet service capabilities. The nature of foreign businesses requires uninterrupted communication with the country of origin where the headquarters is located. With great signal and unparalleled service by telecom providers, your business will remain connected with little to zero downtime. Expect your business to never be off the grid.

Well-planned Road Network

Roads make a crucial contribution to economic development and growth as it delivers significant social benefits. In addition to that, roads provide access to employees and prospective clients alike. With 22-meter right of way main roads, 15-meter right of way service roads, appropriate pedestrian lanes, as well as planting stripes, your distribution operations will always be on time. All roads in the industrial park are of highway grade, which means heavy load trucks can be accommodated. Expect clients visiting to have an easy time reaching your building or facility.

Adequate Storm Drainage System

Since Subic is located near the ocean, it experiences significant flooding during destructive calamities. Despite this, industrial parks that are situated closeby, remain resilient and ever-standing with the support of their adequate drainage system. It ensures that flooding is directed back into the ocean. Building and infrastructure maintenance is relative to a proper drainage system, which refers to all necessary means to reinforce protection against heavy rainstorms and other calamities.

Importance of Industrial Parks in Economic Growth

Factory workers working in a factory

Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. has industrial parks near Subic to contribute and actively participate in the growth of the local economy. Its goal is to enhance the global economic system as more and more foreign investors are attracted. The rapid development of several industrial parks represents the seed where the economy blooms. Industries such as those in agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, consumer goods, and services are beginning to grow even more locally. Here are some of the imperative reasons why industrial parks and foreign direct investments provide aid to the country’s economic growth.

Eliminates Balance of Payments Constraints

Foreign investors deliver an inflow of foreign exchange resources that eradicates the constraints on the country’s balance of payments. As a developing country, the Philippines takes crucial efforts to alleviate the suffering from a balance of payments. The goal is to remove the constraints and improve higher growth rates wherein the most sustainable solution is to encourage and welcome foreign investors.

Provides Increased Employment

The unparalleled capabilities of the local workforce will benefit from foreign investors. The more investments that arrive in the country, the more nationals are employed and given the opportunity to earn a living. Direct employment opportunities given to Filipino laborers provide backward and forward linkages that generate indirect employment opportunities as well.

Grow Your Business At Hermoza Ecozone By Science Park of the Philippines

 Hermoza Ecozone by Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. has everything your business will need:

  • State-of-the-art telecommunications facilities (including the full deployment of next-generation networks and three-way internet connectivity via satellite)
  • A highly reliable and stable power supply
  • Sufficient, clean water supply
  • A well-maintained Freeport-wide road network
  • A cutting-edge seaport for cargo delivered by sea vessels
  • Public transportation system
  • Efficient waste management system

Arguably, the best characteristic of Subic is its strategic location. In particular, a seaport with great amenities and facilities your cargo delivery will need, as well as an airport that provides a one-of-a-kind flight experience. Other projects by Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. include an industrial Park near Batangas, Clark, and a Bataan.

Invest in an industrial park near Subic by Science Park of the Philippines, Inc. today! Click here for more information.

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