What are the benefits of on-ground management teams?

  1. Maintenance of common facilities
  2. Administration of security and safety
  3. Coordination with regulatory agencies

Fortune 500 companies and major multinational companies such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, and Pepsi have relocated to an industrial park in the Philippines to reap the benefits of on-ground management teams. For good reason, an on-ground management team is composed of full-time professional staff that takes on the maintenance and administration responsibilities of a facility.

Given that firms located in industrial parks are from the light industries, numerous additional issues come from the administration side of manufacturing activities. If you identify with the common pain points of manufacturing operations such as maintenance, responding to regulatory queries, safety and security, you would do well to know that a significant number of these issues can be resolved efficiently with the help of on-ground management teams.

For companies that have been drastically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, on-ground management teams also prove to be beneficial in regard to health and safety protocols.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of on-ground management teams for your business.

Property Management

The main priority of today’s modern supply chains is to meet consumer demands. Consumer habits shift all the time. As a result, light industries need to produce goods while retaining agility in operations. The COVID-19 intensified this fact following the need for more essential goods. To achieve this, essential amenities for production must be fully functioning.

Every business would have amenities around the property grounds that need to be managed for effective day-to-day operations. Inside industrial parks, there are about a hundred hectares of land housing manufacturing locators that need large-supply water supply systems, energy resources (i.e., electricity grids, sustainable energy sources), and waste-water treatment systems. There are also other common facilities spread across industrial parks such as waiting sheds, restrooms, gate entrances, and landscaping that require upkeep. This is where the role of on-ground management teams is seen as beneficial because they are responsible for ensuring all these amenities are working and maintained.

Any problem among these amenities is often deemed to have adverse consequences for manufacturing firms. Power outages, water service interruptions, and overheating or defective waste-water treatment facilities can hamper production and result in decreased labor force productivity, increased costs, and reduced potential sales.

If it so happens that repairs need to be done on any of these amenities, on-ground management teams are in charge of communicating with maintenance professionals and ensuring operations go back to normal.

Administration Of Security And Safety
Administration of security and safety

All companies desire to operate in a safe and secured environment. For firms located inside an industrial park in the Philippines, there is a heightened need for safety and security given how important daily operations are. Every day there is a targeted output of production which means the workers handle numerous chemicals and mechanical equipment.

One of the primary benefits of on-ground management teams is that they are in charge of security and safety as well. Management teams regularly review fire-protection solutions such as securing fire extinguishers for each facility, deluge systems to prevent fire from spreading. On -going improvements such as enhancements in security-manned entrance gates and ensuring every staff follows emergency evacuation procedures are just some of the safety features that industrial parks’ on -ground management teams handle on a daily basis.

For instance, when crimes or natural disasters like storms, flooding, or earthquakes occur, the on-ground management team is responsible for the safety of all workers and locators.

Now more than ever, the service of on-ground management teams proves to be essential for operations. They are directly linked to ensuring facility security systems are enhanced to mitigate COVID-19 infections. On-ground management teams plan how security-manned gates will do temperature checks and contact tracing among employees to protect both inbound and outbound safety.

Coordination With Regulatory Agencies

As an added service and feature to complement the complete infrastructure in industrial parks, another benefit of on-ground management teams is that they coordinate with regulatory agencies on behalf of your business. They ensure fast dissemination of information and ensure your business is compliant with technical and safety standards in operations to avoid penalties from regulatory agencies. To add to that, they review any tax or tariff standards up for compliance according to the law as well.

Take the businesses located in industrial parks with special economic zone incentives as an example. On-ground management teams ensure that the locators meet the criteria for being considered as part of a special economic zone area. This includes submitting to the PEZA Board of Directors documents about ongoing and proposed projects, an annual budget of receipts, and other expenditures, ensuring the availability of skilled, semi-skilled, and non-skilled trainable labor force working in the economic zone, ensuring the location is conducive for curtailing smuggling activities, and many more.

In general, on-ground management teams can take numerous pain points off your hands. This allows businesses to concentrate on more important factors like enhancing supply and production chains.

Key Takeaway

The benefits of on-ground management teams can not be ignored especially in an economy with a highly competitive market. They are the professionals that allow business owners to eliminate common problems in the maintenance and administrative side of things, allowing them to improve overall operations and profit margins for long-term success.

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