Why should you consider relocating your office to an industrial park?

  1. Industrial parks are flexible
  2. There is potential for customization
  3. Your administrative and production sides of the company are closer
  4. It can be a more cost-effective option

Industrial parks aren’t traditionally known for accommodating office spaces because they are bigger areas that are zoned for heavy industrial use. You might have a prevailing idea that having an office space in an industrial park might work, but that is simply not true. In fact, industrial parks also have benefits for those who are looking for an office, and you would do well to know what they are.

Continue reading to know why you should consider an office space in an industrial park.

Industrial Parks Are Flexible

One of the main advantages that industrial parks have over other types of property developments is that many of them, if not most, are flexible or easily reconfigured. This can be observed in terms of the lease conditions and the zoning requirements. Traditional office spaces can have tighter zoning regulations, which can affect the different aspects of your building. These aspects include lot size, height, and density.

The reason why industrial parks are more flexible is that they are usually special economic zones. This means that they have their own business and trade laws — with zoning being very much part of business regulations. Lenient zoning requirements can also enable you to convert your office space into something else. Such as a commercial or industrial space and vice-versa.

There Is Potential For Customization

Complementing the aforementioned flexibility, having your office space in an industrial park can give you some much-needed room for customization. Traditional office spaces generally don’t veer away from standard building designs and specifications. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with such building setups, industrial parks can give you more freedom to build and customize your office space to how you see fit.

This can be a good way for companies to express their progressiveness and creativity.

Your Administrative and Production Side of the Company Are Closer

Having both the administrative (represented by the office) and production (represented by factory/plant) side of a given company in the same location can prove to be advantageous. This generally makes your general operations more fluid because communication is easier. Members of either side of the business can also coordinate better by being physically available when they are needed. However, take note that this advantage does not apply to every single company or firm that decides to locate in an industrial park.

If your business isn’t located in a single location in terms of its physical assets then an industrial park and the other benefits that come with it can be the ideal environment for you.

It Can Be a More Cost-effective Option

Finally, the most appealing benefit of having an office space in an industrial park is its potential cost-effectiveness. When compared to commercial and retail spaces, industrial parks can be more affordable due to their systematic and comprehensive handling of infrastructure and resources. Water, energy, and other important utilities are managed intensively. This is because the usual light and medium industries that can be found in an industrial park require consistent and high-volume supply.

Since office spaces aren’t as resource-intensive, they can benefit from getting the same rate and consistency as their counterparts. Aside from that, industrial parks usually have well-maintained roads and modes of travel. This can help office workers minimize their expenses when it comes to traveling to and from work. Put simply, the dedication that industrial parks put into infrastructure and resource management allows for an optimized and cost-effective system that your business can benefit from.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know some of the advantages that an industrial park can offer, you finally have a better alternative for business efficiency and productivity. When the time comes for you to relocate or for you to find a new home for your business. The best part about it is that a lot of industrial parks can offer more. Do your own research and inquiries to see what else these parks have to offer.

Industrial parks and estates are planned, zoned, and developed for the purpose of having an appropriate environment for light and medium industries. Since commercial and office spaces are becoming more scarce and expensive, looking for alternatives should be your next best bet.

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