What are ways for Philippine organizations to promote their ESG values? 

  1. Find the right channel for your organization
  2. Develop an effective content strategy 
  3. Find ways to promote the content
  4. Aim for action and engagement


In recent years, the public looked beyond what a company has to offer in terms of products and services. They also assessed how companies are addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. These may already be present in a company’s framework and objective, however, it can sometimes be difficult to show the public how you can accomplish this. To help you, this article lists ways that Philippine organizations can promote ESG values. Continue reading on. 


Find the right channel for your organization

Today’s world fully embodies the digital age where almost everyone is present on the internet across multiple social media channels. Many companies should use this as a way to promote their ESG values, but it all starts with finding the right channel or channels that can communicate your platform. 

However, before choosing a channel, an organization must first develop a social media marketing strategy that identifies its goals, audience, and potential social media platforms. These allow organizations to see the possible return of their posts. 

Using social media, a company must aim to increase its brand awareness, share its accomplishments, and promote stewardship to its desired audience. 

If you’re unsure of what audience is most interested in your company, you can use analytics to help give you a demographic of your audience. This helps you make a list of the best channels for them. There are many available to choose from: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Youtube. A company needs to determine which one is most suitable for its content and outcome. 


Develop an effective content strategy 

Develop an effective content strategy 

Companies should use their social media channels to tell a story while emphasizing their company’s values. This can only be done through an elective content strategy. This plan details what needs to be written and how it will be distributed across social media. 

For content, many people are invested in stories. They easily get hooked on well-curated narratives on social media. Find a way to effectively tell this on social media whether it be through videos, photos, or well-researched, well-written blog posts. No matter what post you make, make sure to highlight the benefits of ESG. You can mention how it can grow in profit, the interest of investors, and even more positive well-being for the company’s employees. 

Once posts are made, they should also be shared with the right channel. Each social media handles the presentation of information differently. A content strategy must highlight where certain posts will do better than others. 


Find ways to promote the content

Find ways to promote the content

Promoting your ESG values and efforts should not end with creating the post itself. It must also be promoted. This can be done through paid social media advertisements. 

There are low-cost options for using advertisements on social media. This can be easily used to target a specific demographic even if they’re not included in your current following. Through advertisements, you can target potential clients and an audience who shares your values and willing to promote your story 


Aim for action and engagement

On social media, you can already expect people to like, comment, and share posts. The next goal should be for your audience to take action. This can be done by putting an effective call to action on your posts to encourage their readers. It can be as simple as subscribing to your email list. 

A company can also tap your employees to help with your social media strategy. They can increase your presence online. You can make the content unique by providing their point-of-view to the company’s ESG efforts. On top of that, they can also play a hand in sharing the company’s posts on their social media channels to reach a wider audience. 


Key Takeaway

There are many ways in how Philippine organizations can promote ESG values. The easiest and best way to do this is through various social media channels that attract their target audience and clients. When making use of these online platforms, businesses should use metrics to measure success rates and further improve content strategies based on engagement with the audience. 

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