Pueblo de Oro Cebu (Pueblo Cebu) and IGFI initiated the “Rent-to-Own Pedicab” project, a livelihood initiative that aims to provide pedicab drivers of Brgy. Babag, Cebu with an opportunity to own a pedicab, thereby providing them with opportunities to generate more income for their families and save for the future. With this initiative, drivers don’t need to pay for the rental of P40/day and thus increasing their average take home daily income to P300 to P400 instead of P260 or P360 only. The P40 difference is a big factor to address their daily basic needs.

Thirty drivers are expected to benefit from the project. Each driver will be given one unit of pedicab to be paid through installments throughout the year. The pedicabs shall take the route from PODC to National Highway and back. Facilitated by Brgy. Captain Fanny Augusto, the signing of agreement and turnover of first ten pedicabs to the first batch of beneficiaries was held last November 28, 2017 at the town’s barangay hall.