How can you ensure the health and safety of workers in industrial zones?

  1. Educate About Hygiene and Safety Protocols
  2. Keep Things Disinfected And Clean Regularly
  3. Upgrade and Update Security Systems
  4. Establish Workplace Policies


The COVID-19 pandemic has not only been affecting private homes but also businesses as well. Some establishments are temporarily closing down or pausing their services in light of these times, but certain light and medium industries continue to keep going. As a business owner, it’s important you start educating your employees about industrial zone health and safety. This article will provide you with some valuable tips to keep team members safe at work.

A little extra time and effort are always worth it to avoid the worsening of this rapidly spreading virus. Remember to express your gratitude and do whatever you can to support those who are doing labor amidst the global pandemic. Here are some optimal health and safety how-tos for hardworking employees in industrial zones!


Educate About Hygiene and Safety Protocols

A manager explaining how to use PPE

Organizations are responsible for the general health and safety of the workers that they employ. Because of this, teaching employees about general hygiene and sanitation remains an essential part of any business. Educating always serves as the first step to executing cleanliness. It is best to start providing them updates on the current COVID-19 situation and why hygiene, disinfection, and sanitation should be highly stressed during these times.

Follow through with general and industrial hygiene. As someone who manages the business, you should be familiar with the most valuable components of industrial hygiene that needs to be emphasized amidst the pandemic. These components could be ergonomics, noise, temperature, indoor air quality, chemical exposure, radiation, and biological hazards.

As for general hygiene, it is thoroughly recommended to rely on the following practices to ensure both product quality and employee safety:


Keep Things Disinfected And Clean Regularly

A man disinfecting an office

For operators of light and medium industries, maintaining a clean and organized space is one of the greatest prevention methods. Although maintaining your zones is already part of your day-to-day, these must be stressed and emphasized during these times. This is the backbone of the business and its goods, so to prevent the spread of viruses and further diseases to workers, disinfecting is a must! The equipment is going to build up with dust and grime that can attract viruses and more allergens. Because of this, you want your warehouse to be thoroughly cleaned before it reaches this point. Provide each employee with the equipment and supplies they need to disinfect and meticulously clean everything within the area.


Upgrade and Update Security Systems

Graphics of cybersecurity

Now is the time to maximize your industrial park’s security systems. Surveillance methods are raising new privacy standards and security is increasing to battle COVID-19’s outbreak. Fortunately, Science Park of the Philippines believes that emergencies can arise at any given moment at a factory or plant. Because of this, adequate protection is implemented at all our industrial parks.

These don’t exclusively apply to fires, but they are also carried out to general security. We’re certain that the security systems are even more responsive at times like these to practice social distancing and to only allow individuals with access to the area in.


Establish Workplace Policies

A production plant worker in PPE

An extremely competent and trained ground management team should establish and update workplace policies that can accommodate the current situation. The management team is assigned to companies to help handle the establishment and ensure that their workers are in safe hands.

In these times, it’s most commendable that the management strongly values the following:


Key Takeaway

Health and safety should remain the absolute priority for businesses today. We hope that these industrial zone health and safety how-tos can offer you an insight on how to further keep your employees safe amidst the outbreak. The Science Park of the Philippines guarantees that industrial parks are well prepared when situations like these arise. This is just one of the many benefits you can reap from having an integrated industrial infrastructure with Science Park.

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