How can light and medium businesses help support the post-COVID-19 recovery?

  1. Hiring a Significant Workpool
  2. Producing More Goods and Supply
  3. Providing Healthier Environments For Workers
  4. Improving Brand Reputation


At this point in time, the world is still trying to control the COVID-19 global pandemic. The virus has continued to affect economies, consumers, employees, and countless businesses all around the world. There is no certainty as to when everything can go back to the way it used to be. However, to stay prepared, businesses are looking for useful advice to cope with modern post-crisis standards. Today, we’ll be discussing why you may want to look into the benefits of investing in industrial parks after COVID-19 for your light or medium business.


Hiring a Significant Workpool

Newly hired factory workers

Employment can go a long way post-pandemic because it goes hand-in-hand with three components: the Filipino people, the industrial sector, and the economy. Here’s why: regardless of the industry, the pandemic has drastically impacted the Filipino workforce. In fact, according to CNN Philippines, over 2 million employees nationwide have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 quarantine implementation.

Light and medium industries naturally require a large workforce to have production efficiency. When quarantine regulations are lifted, light and medium businesses in industrial parks can open opportunities for Filipinos looking for work. In terms of the economy, a drop in unemployment rates can help it rise again. Employment is the driving force between economic growth and sustainability. Hiring a number of Filipino workers in industrial parks will contribute to the stimulation of economic growth.

As a result of all of this, Filipino workers who have lost their jobs can steadily rise and continue to support their families again. Light and medium businesses will also experience sustainability while the economy spurs growth.


Producing More Goods and Supply

Production of canned goods

Light and medium businesses in industrial parks are given access to comprehensive infrastructures such as shipping, suppliers, and production all in one zone. Once we start trying to shift to our old routines, industrial parks can assist in speeding up the healing and rebuilding phase of businesses post-COVID-19. It can also help restore industries to normal operations as soon as possible.

Industrial zones can double the capacity to meet the needs of any market. Some businesses may even have a hard time fulfilling delays, so tapping into industrial parks can help with this concern. Furthermore, the capability of producing more goods can also be a way to expand exports and contribute to the economy.


Providing Healthier Environments For Workers

Protective equipment for factory workers

Once quarantine measures have been lowered, safety protocols should still be implemented to prevent the resurgence of the COVID-19 virus. Getting back to normal can still be frightening, especially for those who are on the lookout for jobs. Everyone is doing their best to flatten the curve, and this is why businesses should be doing their best to continue creating a safe environment for their employees.

Light and medium businesses that are located in industrial parks often value environmental practices. They do their best to eliminate factors such as greenhouse gases, CO2 emissions, and toxic elements. Additionally, industrial parks also implement strict industrial hygiene. When newly hired workers and even old workers get back to the normal routine, they are put into good hands inside industrial zones.


Improving Brand Reputation

A company having a meeting

Start-up businesses aren’t exempt from the sufferings of COVID-19. You’d be happy to know that an investment in an industrial park will never be put to waste. Industrial zones can offer a platform to generate resilient companies in the long-term, creating a more reputational impact.

We know how hard it is to rise during these unprecedented times, and you can do this efficiently and faster with the help of industrial zones. Everything inside an industrial zone is expertly managed, which can help you easily facilitate your business’ daily needs. You can add more value to your business and help you rise from the pandemic by seeking the help of the industrial parks’ infrastructure and professional management.


Key Takeaway

We agree that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to the economic disruption that the pandemic has done for light and medium businesses. However, industrial parks may be of great support to navigate the disruptions and help some businesses make a comeback more efficiently. These zones offer a multitude of capabilities that can reduce the impact of the crisis on your business.

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