Science Park of the Philippines (SPPI) pioneers a new generation of industrial parks, starting with LISP I in Laguna. Now, the latest of these parks, LISP IV in Batangas, is being developed within Malvar Cybergreen.

“Our objective is to take the burden of dealing with outside factors off the locators so they can come in and hit the ground running,” says Guillermo Luchangco, chairman and CEO of Science Park.

LISP I was PEZA’s first privately owned industrial estate as a special export-processing zone for light manufacturing. With the purpose-built interchange that connected LISP I to the national expressway, SPPI introduced the concept of economic integration.

With a gross area of almost 800 hectares, SPPI’s properties are strategically positioned in primary industrial corridors and home to many Fortune 500 companies, so there’s no wonder that SPPI now is the country’s largest industrial park developer and has been the decades-long reliable partner of multinationals including NEC, NXP Semiconductors, Procter & Gamble, Sumitomo and Mitsui High-tec, among others.

Still in development in Batangas is the biggest of its properties, LISP IV, built in full compliance with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design principles, preserving 35 percent of the property’s original landscape.

“There’s a stream that runs through the project, and we have not touched its slopes nor the riverbank and much of the surrounding trees,” Luchangco says. “Lifestyle features such as ponds and a jogging trail enhance liveability, especially with the adjacent residential area catering to executives and employees working at the park.”

LISP IV also boasts of a centralised waste water treatment plant that will recycle effluent into industrial water for light manufacturing activities.

Source: South China Morning Post


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